I am what I Wear...


I would like to completely change your dressing experience.

I Wear is complete and easy to use catalog for your wardrobe. In the morning, wake up, grab your iPhone/iPod/iPad and decide what would you like to wear today... which stuff from your wardrobe fits to another (without even standing up from bed!).

Let know your friends what would you like to wear today, maybe, or what new clothes you have just bought... or ask if is your choice right for today.

Now, you can create beautiful showroom and easily send it to other I Wear user, in a form of a book... but it's not all, everyone, who get this book from you, via email, or your website, could get clothes from it and add it to their own I Wear wardrobe.

Maybe you have little clothes shop? Great opportunity to make a book for iPad and iPhone with your actual collection!

Maybe you are a fashion designer? Create your showroom for iOS. It's so easy.

Every item description, you include into your showroom, will be always under this item, with tappable links and all description. Users would manage your clothes, but couldn't change your description (for example: with links to your shop).

I hope, you will enjoy using this application, and help me to make it better.

It is right for you!

For your pleasure of dressing.

Use it every day, share your dressing choices and have fun.


I Wear developer.


Dear Fashion Lovers!


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